1).  Pay Only Your Fair Share of Taxes - Our goal is to assure your property is assessed fairly.  It should never be assesssed above its market value.  Nor should it be assessed above uniform equal value of similar property.

2).  Avoid Tax Surprises - Nothing is more disappointing for business managers than finding out too late in the year that their property taxes are much higher than they planned for.  Frequent communication with our clients is key to helping them understand their annual property tax burden.  Changing business environments, whether driven by market conditions, internal growth or acquisition and divestiture of property can be problematic for estimated tax burdens.  In each case, we consult with you regarding property tax planning.

3).  Deliver Peace of Mind - Knowing that when appraising your property and rendering our opinion of fair market value to tax assessors, that we have not under reported items that could lead to penalties, nor, and just as importantly, not listed items that should not be taxed; a common mistake by business owners who self-report.

4). Staff Minimized - Your company's staff time and cost will be reduced.  Your travel and/or research time in regards to Ad Valorem Taxes are eliminated.

5).  Accuracy - We are constantly updating and adjusting to new laws that come into effect.  Therefore, we are able to comply with all State and local tax laws. 

6). Professional Expertise - You will have the confidence that an experienced tax consultant, registered with the State of Texas, is auditing and assessing your Ad Valorem tax needs.

7). Tax Savings - with my representation that every property is important, normally comes tax savings.


1).  Properties Valued Accurately 

2).  Capital Investments Determined Wisely 

3).  Prompt Service - quick turn around 

4). Staff Minimized - Your company's staff time and cost will be reduced. 

5).  Accuracy - We utilize the latest state-of-the art in-house data processing equipment to provide timely services to our clients.  A network system of micro-computers driven by a central hard drive provides virtually unlimited computing capacity that allows us to provide our clients with a quality and timely economic assessment report

6). Professional Expertise - You will have the confidence that an experienced, over 30 years, oil & gas tax consultant is auditing and assessing your properties.

7). Competitive Pricing - with oil prices changing constantly our fees remain competitive.